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NI ATE测试主机可以针对ECU提供全系列测试系统,包含模拟、数字、总线、电源、开关矩阵、负载等。
ECU Test System – Rack Features

Rack Dimensions (configurable)
    24U Configuration (1358.9 mm)
    Depth: 31.5” (800 mm)
    Width: 23.0” (584.2 mm)
Rack Compliance (configurable)
    RAL-7035 gray paint
    ESD Compliant per IEC 61340-5-1
Rack Power (configurable)
    Input: 200-240V (1-Phase, 3.8 kW), 16 A 50/60 Hz
    Power Distribution Unit DC Output: +12V, +24V
Power Supplies (configurable)
    RMX-4101 200W, 20V/10A
    RMX-4102 400W, 20V/20A
    1,200W Maximum Output

Modular Instruments
    DMM: PXIe-4081 DMM [DC Current, DC Voltage, Resistance]
    SMU: PXIe-4139 1-ch (60V, 3A)
    PSU: PXIe-4112 2-ch (60 V, 1 A)
    Scope: PXIe-5105 8-ch (60 MHz,12-bit, ±15 V)
    FGEN: PXIe-5413 2-ch (20 MHz,16-bit, 24Vpp)
Analog Input/Output
    AI: PXIe-4310 8-ch isolated (400 kS/s/ch, ±60 V)
    AO: PXIe-4322 8-ch isolated(250 kS/s/ch, ±16 V)
Digital Input/Output
    DI: PXI-6515 32-ch sink/source, ±30 VDC, bank-isolated
    DO: PXI-6515 32-ch sink, ±30 VDC, bank-isolated
    Relay: PXI-2564 16-ch 5A SPST Relay
Automotive Communication
    CAN/LIN: PXIe-8510 6-Port, CAN/LIN interface
    RS232: PXIe-8430/8 8-Port
    GPIB integrated in PXI Controller
    Automotive Ethernet*
Pin Switching
    2-wire for 4x64, 8x32, and 16x16 topologies, up to 4 units
    Specification: EMR, 60V/2A (60W)
    Matrix Expansion can be done on ITA
    Final Specs in Development*
Load Management Modules
    8A, up to 96-ch with current measurement
    30A, up to 24-ch with current measurement
Additional Loads
    Compatible with External or eLoads
    100W 8-ch Electronic Load (60V/20A)
    350W 4-ch Electronic Load (60V/20A)